"The necessity that leads to the creation of an object determines its origin and constitutes the starting point of every Design development. To know and to try to find new or alternative solutions to this origin is the role of Design, which leads to an improvement of the quality of life through innovation and functional simplicity.

Design is therefore logical, efficient and should be conceptually, physically and aesthetically long lasting.

The choices of the materials and processes should not be determined by how fashionable, attractive or new they are, but by their suitability to the function and a determination to make Design as affordable and widely available as possible to those who need it or can benefit from it.

Design is for everyone, with no distinctions."    selce, 2015

About us

Selce studio was founded by Jaxon Pope and Riccardo Centazzo during their 2nd year of study at the University of Arts of London in 2014.

The decision to open an independent studio came from the urge to express design ideals that were found to be lacking in the contemporary industrial and product design sphere.

Currently Selce studio is heavily based on the discussion and development of design theory principles, with a specific interest in the research of design education alternatives for the future. The studio remains also active on an industrial design level, still developing products and concepts that aim to reflect their design ideals in physical form.

The duo are founding members and creative directors of the projektado collective