"The necessity that leads to the creation of an object determines its origin and constitutes the starting point of every Design development. To know and to try to find new or alternative solutions to this origin is the role of Design, which leads to an improvement of the quality of life through innovation and functional simplicity.

Design is therefore logical, efficient and should be conceptually, physically and aesthetically long lasting.

The choices of the materials and processes should not be determined by how fashionable, attractive or new they are, but by their suitability to the function and a determination to make Design as affordable and widely available as possible to those who need it or can benefit from it.

Design is for everyone, with no distinctions."    selce, 2015

About us

Selce was founded in Summer 2014 by Riccardo Centazzo and Jaxon Pope. Due to complimentary skills and our common opinion of design, we decided to collaborate and start a company with a strong ethos of practicality and simplicity at its core.


  1. Dr. Martens Oliver Black Burnished Suede (2012), a pair of shoes I wear every second day.
  2. Waste Makers, Vance Packard, 1960. A valuable insight into the commodity driven world of 1960's USA.
  3. A select few rocks and minerals from my collection.
  4. Mario's Picross (Nintendo, 1995) Representing my love for Gameboys and puzzles.
  5. Olympus mju II (1997).
  6. Fantasia sticker, one of the most valuable stickers I have in my sticker collection. Fantasia by Walt Disney is the most influential animation movie of my childhood.
  7. My Diary (Muji).
  8. An indoor rock climbing hold, representing my passion for climbing.
  9. Original Apollo 10 Mission Plan (1969, NASA) representing my interest in space, particulary the moon.
  10. A Screwdriver I was given by my father (VW, West Germany, date unknown).
  11. Ossidiana 1 cup (Mario Trimarchi for Alessi, 2015), a beautiful piece of design that I love using every day.


  1. Useful mushroom I found in the rainforest of Yakushima, Japan, in 2015. It represents my passion for the outdoors and my constant study of bushcraft techniques.
  2. Vans Style #38, custom made in USA around 1992. One of the grails in my collection of vintage Vans shoes, it represents my interest in the American hardcore and skateboard scene.
  3. Rotring Rapid Pro mechanical pencil, a gift from my parents that I use almost every day.
  4. OLFA ltd-05, limited edition compact blade. Bought in Tokyo in 2015.
  5. Leatherman Sidekick, a very practical and light multi-tool I’ve been carrying with me for a few years.
  6. Braun AW30 (Dietrich Lubs, 1991), a great piece of good design I received as a gift in 2014. Represents my admiration for simple, functional and pure design.
  7. Design Discussions booklet (London, 2016). A record of a series of design theory-based discussions I took part in.
  8. Metal Gear Solid (Playstation, 1998), the first title I played of my favourite videogame series.
  9. Howling Machines, The Same Old Look in Your Eyes (Bologna, 2008). The power of the youth.
  10. Game Boy LIGHT, Silver (1998), a Japanese exclusive that never got the recognition it deserved, in my opinion the best Game Boy ever produced and my favourite piece of our collection.