bamboo utensils

Too often in the design world materials are only evaluated on the basis of their strength, weight, durability, cost, popularity. This unfortunately brings, especially with natural resources, to lose touch with what materials can provide in relation to their intrinsic natural form. The industry has become too accustomed to turn everything into a straight and geometrically perfect shape, but with this practice we have lost the connection with what many naturally occurring forms have to offer.

This project aims to make use of the natural characteristics of bamboo to create concave spaces that in this case, are in the form of utensils. The perpendicular formations called diaphragms that separate the bamboo poles in sections are at the core of these objects and constitute a unique feature of this plant.

All items are handmade therefore each piece is unique and shaped according to the natural characteristics of the piece of bamboo used.

All items are available left handed and right handed.

bamboo servers

set of bamboo products

set of bamboo servers

sanding nodes of bamboo

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