design through dialogue.

selce studio was founded by Jaxon Pope and Riccardo Centazzo during their 2nd year of study at the University of Arts of London in 2014.

The decision to open an independent studio came from the urge to express design ideals that were found to be lacking in the contemporary industrial and product design sphere.

Currently selce studio is heavily based on the discussion and development of design theory principles, with a specific interest in the research of design education alternatives for the future. The studio remains also active on an industrial design level, still developing products and concepts that aim to reflect their design ideals in physical form.

The duo are founding members and creative directors of projektado collective and researchers at the Industrial Design division of Lund University, Sweden.

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grants, awards, publications

'Collective Design Practices' short form book published by Routledge Publishers ❘ 2023
A co-authored text that brings together many developing thoughts and ideas on working within design.

Awarded Best of the Year for the iF Design Talent Award ❘ 2022
With selce studio’s ‘ASPA’.

Shortlisted for the LG Display and Dezeen's OLEDs Go! Competition ❘ 2022
With selce studio’s ‘Totem’. The brief was to utilise LG’s innovative technologies in new ways.

Winner of the 'Soft Clemmy' competition by Clementoni and Desall ❘ 2022
With selce studio’s ‘Fun with Sound’. The competition was based on sensory toy design for toddlers.

National runner-up for James Dyson Award in Sweden ❘ 2021
With selce studio’s ‘ASPA’.

Issue 1 of projektado magazine released to the public ❘ 2021
projektado releases its first full-length multimedia magazine titled ‘anonymity in design’.

Awardee of Crafoord Travel Grant by Crafoord Foundation ❘ 2021
For research activities pertaining to projektado’s work.

Finalist of UNOPS Global Innovation Challenge ❘ 2020
With selce studio’s ‘ASPA’. The competition was focused on projects connected to the UN’s SDGs for 2030.

Awarded Leapfrogs Bursary from LU Innovation Hub ❘ 2020
For the continued development of ASPA

Winner of the '3M for Design' competition by 3M ❘ 2020
With selce studio’s ‘Gru’. The competition was organised by 3M for new uses of their adhesive products.

Winner of the 'Design Against War' competition by EMERGENCY ❘ 2019
With selce studio’s ‘ASPA’. The competition aimed to explore design’s relation with war-afflicted contexts.

Winner of the 'Lampa Award' competition by Lampa and Desall ❘ 2019
With selce studio’s ‘Concentric’.The competition invited to develop innovative ways to think about fastening.

‘Products in Progress’ exhibition at Ganapati’s in London ❘ 2017
Selected work from selce studio was exhibited in London as part of a collaboration with Ganapati’s.

Winner of the John Lewis Award for Innovation at New Designers Fair in London ❘ 2016
With selce studio’s ‘Parallel Slots System’. The project was selected between all exhibitors at ND.

Awarded a funded residency in Italy by Matter of Stuff ❘ 2016
To develop further products that utilise Carrara marble

Awarded the Marius Dean Travey Bursary ❘ 2015
With the opportunity to travel to Carrara, Italy to research the White Carrara Marble

Winner of Sickle Cell Project by King’s College Hospital in London ❘ 2015
The competition required participants to design an educational tool for kids to be used within the hospital.