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By encouraging a critical evaluation of the contemporary processes of knowledge creation within design, Collective Design Practices aims to open perspectives and conversations on the immense possibilities thinking and acting collectively can have in work, education, culture, and life. Through the observation of past and present collectives of varying scales and geographies, and reflections on the implications of dialogue, generosity, and participation in non-hierarchical structures, this concise book provides a condensed exploration of how our relationships with identity, authorship, context, and each other can shape the way we work and think together, ultimately influencing our approaches to solving the increasingly complex issues of our futures.

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The book collates many ideas, experiences, and hopes that we have developed throughout our 8 years in working collaboratively within the design industry and in research and learning environments. With a focus on methods of collective organisation within design practices, the book features five explorations of active and past internationally dispersed collectives, both within and outside of design, aiming to offer insights from lived experiences. Hay Futura (Argentina), NullaOsta (Italy), ruangrupa (Indonesia), OPAVIVARÁ! (Brazil), and projektado (international).

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