design discussions

Born out of a frustration with a failing curriculum, design discussions was a self-initiated student activity organised in 2016 by a small group of disgruntled third year bachelors design students studying in London, who were disappointed with the content their course was offering and wanted to gain more out of the education that they were experiencing and paying for.

The act of taking a more autonomous approach to their learning, in part motivated by an unfair situation and in part an expression of a collective solidarity by a young group of friends, was instrumental in the formation of new opinions, approaches and possibilities within the field of design and consequently within design education.

The short-term tangible results of design discussions, which consisted of 2-3 hour long discussions on a theme or topic that was brought to the group by a different member each session, was a small self-published zine that included a short synopsis of each session.

The longer-term results of design discussions, was a brand new realisation that the ways in which we could learn, extended far beyond a course curriculum and the walls of an institution, but was also found in critically assessing the current prevailing ideals and approaches to our field, and that we had not only the possibility to challenge them, but also the responsibility.

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