GRU: 3M™ for design

Winner of the 3M™ for Design competition in January 2020.

GRU is a free standing light and storage system that utilises 3M™ Dual Lock™ repositionable tape to allow for maximum flexibility with fewer components and manufacturing processes.

GRU hook and channel

Not only is the Dual Lock™ technology much easier to install than traditional fixtures, it is cheaper and lighter making logistics and manufacture more efficient, as well as being easier to use. The tape is applied inside the full length of the channel, on both sides, in order to offer more surface areas to attach accessories.

GRU and accessories

Together with simple but useful accessories such as the steel Hook, Tray and Shelf, GRU includes a LED Lamp that makes full use of the cavity within the channel to hide its cable. It is designed to be able to rotate on 2 axis, as well as being able to move up and down (by using Dual Lock™ like all other accessories.)

GRU base

The channel is held upright by a round steel base. The user can easily assemble these components together by sliding the channel into an H shaped slot in the base and by letting the base’s arms spring back to clamp the channel.

The simple but effective nature of Dual Lock™ makes it easy for new accessories to be developed and for the GRU system to grow in the future.