marble lamp

Even though marble is commonly associated with luxury goods, its waste is affordable and plentiful. This lamp finds a possible function for this waste and uses marble’s proprieties to create an organic light shade. 

By leaving the dust free to move, the user is encouraged to interact with this product and by doing so to interact with the surrounding space and the way light affects it. 

The placement of the light bulb in an off-centered position means that the lamp will throw a different amount of light depending on which face it is resting on. 

This project was enabled by the Marius Dean Travel Bursary, that allowed for us to visit Carrara, Italy, with an aim to research white marble and the industry surrounding it. During the trip we noted the high quantity of wasted material, and decisively designed towards using the waste. 

useful links: user manual & how to replace the lightbulb

press: Yanko Design ❘ 2017 / Core77 ❘ 2017