Parallel Slots System

This system is designed to be visually light and linear, in order to make the items placed on the shelves the focal point for the observer and therefore make it suitable for any environment and space, with the idea that the less accentuated the visual impact of an object is, the easier it is to merge it with our spaces and accept it as a part of our lives.

By moving the visual focus away from the system, the user can perceive it as an object of use and recognise its function and usefulness in a more pure and instinctive way.

Bracket detail

This project received the John Lewis Award for Design and Innovation during New Designers 2016 and it was successfull on Kickstarter in 2017. Subscribe to our mailing list here.





Simple design


The aluminium upright is the backbone of this system and its most important component. This component is formed by a single extrusion, the extrusion is anodised, CNC machined on two sides and cut to length. There are 3 different length options available: 0.8m, 1.6m and 2.0m.


The profile has outer dimensions of 20mm x 20mm and it's designed to be as visually light as possible. The side holes are only visible on one side and the fixing screws are made invisible by a keyhole hanging system on the back of the upright.

Upright yellow


The bracket is a single piece of 2mm steel, laser cut, folded and powder coated white. The brackets come in two versions, left and right, and they're currently available in 21cm depth, more options will be made available in the future.


Because of its simple design, this bracket can be used for shelves up to 24mm thick, giving the user complete freedom in the choice of material and length for the shelves. The bracket itself is very strong due to the structural folds and it's completely safe to use with a total of 40 kg per shelf. Obviously do make sure the material used for the actual shelf can cope with the load.



Each system includes 18mm white laminate shelves with 2mm edging and pre-drilled holes for easy assembly. The provided shelves measure 21cm x 60cm.


As previously mentioned, the shelves can be changed to suit a specific dimension or the space's decor: the brackets can be easily used with any material up to 24mm thick, we recommend a depth of 21cm, in order to have the bracket flush with the front edge of the shelf. A guide to drill the screwholes to match those of brackets is available here.

Shelf detail

Easy to use

Installing and adjusting the system is very easy. Brackets and other accessories can simply be inserted in the upright and secured with the provided pins. Once inside, the pin is held in place by the weight of the shelf and can be removed with the use of the provided magnet. If you want to see more of what the installing proceedure looks like, watch the video at the top of the page or click here.

Easy to use

The upright has enough room to run a cable inside it, making it easy to wire most things invisibly. This feature is suitable for medium to small dimension cables such as the ones used for lamps and speakers.



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