parallel slots system

Winner of the John Lewis Award for Design and Innovation during New Designers 2016

Economic accessibility was one of the guiding principles during the design and production of this system, with an aim to provide a high quality and more affordable alternative to some of the excessively marked-up products that dominated the ‘design’ furniture market. We aimed to question the relationship between profit and design, and ultimately test the capabilities of small independent design studios to produce at scale without compromising with larger brands for production or distribution.

The system itself was developed with the idea that the less accentuated the visual impact of an object is, the easier it is to merge it with our spaces, and was therefore designed to be unobtrusive, long lasting, and easy to reconfigure.

Parallel Slots System has currently sold out of its first production, our intention with the next manufacture run is to expand upon the existing brackets and shelves to include more size options and further accessories.

parallel slots system set-up

parallel slots system yellow shelf and bracket

parallel slots system book shelf

parallel slots system set-up

parallel slots system cable feature

parallel slots system bathroom system

parallel slots system cabinet