Bamboo Utensils


The approximate measurements for the utensils are:

-Teaspoons: Length 150mm x Width 20mm.
-Tablespoons: Length 230mm x Width 35mm
-Servers: Length 320mm x Width 50mm.
-Spreaders: Length 200mm x Width 15mm.

All items are handmade therefore each piece is unique and shaped according to the natural characteristics of the piece of bamboo used.

All items are available left handed (L) and right handed (R).

As we are using an unaggressive and natural oil to coat the spoons, they will stain with use. We advise you to wash them by hand if possible.

As the utensils are made to order, the current waiting time for them to be shipped after purchase is 10 days.

If you wish to buy a couple of servers as shown in 2 of the pictures, please buy 1 right handed (R) and 1 left handed (L) spoon.