projektado magazine: issue 0

projektado magazine: issue 0 - why discuss design today? is the first endeavour of the projektado collective, and constitutes a critical design experiment manifested in the form of an online publication, a project that we from selce studio have been heavily involved in co-creating and producing. 

The intention to form the projektado collective has been to create a larger network of peers and collaborators, in order to widen the conversation on the design industry and remain active and critical within this dialogue.  

It is fundamental to us that a design practice runs parallel to continual critical discussion, in order to avoid stagnating ideals and standards within an industry that is constantly nebulous, one that shoulders significant responsibility. Our hope is that with this initial publication along with others to come, we will be able to offer a space for learning and understanding, feeding knowledge towards up and coming designers, as well as seasoned professionals.  

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projektado magazine: issue 0, the city of the others