stick up for the planet!

A result from a past external commission, 'stick up for the planet!' is an introduction to environmental awareness and activism for children.

The narrative crudely describes some of the ecological detriment that the built world contributes to, whilst at the same time promoting the young reader to take a form of action towards this (new) knowledge.

By exploring the intersection between knowledge and political/physical action, this short sticker book aims to educate young readers not only to observe and learn, but also to understand themselves in their relation to public spaces, strangers, politics, legality, and nature.

By inviting children to place stickers around the urban environments they share with the public, the project positions the practice of art and activism as a form of communication that doesn't necessarily need to remain subversive, one that comes with responsibility, care, and that is informed as much by knowing as it is by doing.

stick up for the planet

stick up for the planet, trees and wood

stick up for the planet, mountains and sticker

stick up for the planet, i used to be a tree

stick up for the planet, to make me, habitats were destroyed