stick up for the planet!

The core concept of ‘Stick up for the planet!’ story and sticker book, is to provide children with a visual connection between natural wild environments, and man-made, manufactured ones, offering a way for them to become more engaged in the communication of this connection through physical interaction with their own environments.

For many younger (and older) people, the raw and unprocessed materials that have been used to create ubiquitous daily items are hidden, unrecognisable and oftentimes completely unknown, as are the habitats that these naturally occurring resources exist in, and the life that supports them and they support.

This book aims not only to increase the awareness that children have of the objects around them, by providing meaningful and emotional connections to a larger, interconnected, natural context. But also it aims to show them that they can actively participate in the discussion surrounding the sustainability of human practices, even at their age.

front cover

trees and wood

i used to be a tree

to make me, habitats were destroyed