alternative wiring system

The intention of this project is to rethink the way electricity is transported and distributed within the domestic sphere and, in doing so, propose an alternative to plastic when safely insulating copper wires in our homes.

alternative wiring system set-up

Currently, the wide-spread system for electrical distribution in the household is not only unsustainable because of the immense use of mixed plastics and other unrecyclable resources, but also because it is impractical to maintain and can be disruptive when changes are required. 

The proposed alternative consists of a system of glass tiles that utilises the insulating properties of glass to enclose copper wires without the use of plastic, as well as moving the wiring from inside the walls to the surface, allowing for a much easier maintenance and reconfiguration process. 

These recycled glass tiles include a back plate, which is attached to the wall and features a series of grooves to allow multiple copper wires to be installed freely, and a removable front face that covers the connections.

alternative wiring system prototype

The removable nature of the front piece makes it easy to access wiring when needed, as well as offering the possibility to choose between several front face alternatives, that can feature anything from power sockets to light fittings.

The idea is that walls could use a combination of traditional tiles and glass tiles to freely create electricity paths wherever they are needed and therefore reshape the way we interact with spaces.

alternative wiring system detail

press: Dezeen ❘ 2020