the aesthetic experience

A common perception of the value a 'designer' brings to a product or project is often closely connected to 'aesthetics', a term that is largely associated with the visual sense, simplifying the role of industrial and product design as an act of styling or decorating a technical skeleton. 

Whilst this is an inaccurate and under-developed definition of this practice, the aesthetic function is a valuable and integral element to be considered during the decision making process, however unfortunately misunderstood. 

This experiment aims to highlight the effect that less commonly considered aesthetic factors have on perception. 

Participants were asked to evaluate and compare visually identical objects on the basis of other sensorial and perceptive factors. The initial questions were based on objective factors, such as weight, temperature and softness, more subjective questions followed with best to worst smell and sound. Further abstract factors such as an ordering of value, perceived price and a final conclusive evaluation of the object with the overall highest aesthetic value.