Shortlisted for the LG Display and Dezeen's OLEDs Go! Competition in 2022

Increasingly, a wide range of contemporary jobs require the user to operate multiple programs and apps simultaneously and seamlessly, and it has become more and more evident how productivity and user experience can be enhanced with the introduction of a second screen. Developers, content creators, designers, gamers, streamers, engineers, are only a few examples of professionals that now consider dual monitors to be a necessity.

Totem is a dual monitor system for home and office spaces that utilises LG’s OLED Rollable technology to offer a flexible and efficient set-up for users according to their specific needs for any given task. Targeted towards the future of work environments and the increasing need for solutions that offer adaptability and performance, Totem aims to redefine the possibilities of screen-based work and address the increasingly higher need that many professionals have for multi-monitor workspaces.


totem screen movement

totem detail

totem office scene

totem game scene