vitsoe kitchen

vitsoe kitchen, corner detail

Commissioned by Braun and Vitsoe collector and expert dasprogramm, this site-specific project required the conversion of a rare reclaimed Vitsoe 570 shelving system formally used in Berlin as living room storage, into a small yet well-used family kitchen in North London.

The 570 system itself is quite complex, with many internal componentry, and although we had much to work with, the scale of a kitchen conversion meant that we had to be highly decisive during planning and construction, particularly due to its rarity, with any mistakes meaning we would not be left with enough to finish the job.

The final result, a kitchen unit that sits within a 4m x 2.5m space, includes pieces from three different Vitsoe systems, including the 570, 610, and 606.

vitsoe kitchen, systems from catalogue

vitsoe kitchen vitsoe kitchen

vitsoe kitchen, drilling 606 shelve

vitsoe kitchen, sanding side boards

vitsoe kitchen, making details vitsoe kitchen, small components

vitsoe kitchen, original packaging of components